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White Galloways
bred and raised in Canada.


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Ladywells Bobby GJR48B

Ladywells Bobby GJR48B -[CAN]811W-a3
Sire: Ladywells Xtrapolate 7X -[CAN]773-b3
Dam: Ladywells Total 52T -[CAN]30R-E
DNA Case #DC18B001722-1 SNP Case #18B001722.
YOB: 2014 - Get Pedigree

Note; Ladywells Bobby 48B is a unique White Galloway sire that is Heterozygous Riggit and Heterozygous White Park.

Cows and Heifers

Ladywells LovelyGJR59L

Ladywells Lovely GJR59L
Sire: Sandrift Yee Haw 45J
Dam: Sandrift Utopia 37E
YOB: 2001 - Get Pedigree

Ladywells Patmos GJR149P
Sire: GJR93L
Dam: GJR44L
YOB: 2004 - Get Pedigree

Ladywells Legend GJR63L

Ladywells Legend GJR63L
Sire: GJR21J
Dam: GFL3G
YOB: 2001 - Get Pedigree

Ladywells Matchmaker GJR96M

Ladywells Matchmaker GJR96M
Sire: CRA18G
Dam: CRA31J
YOB: 2002 - Get Pedigree

Ladywells Reserve GJR63R
Sire: Yukon
Dam: CRA64E
YOB: 2005 - Get Pedigree

Ladywells Total GJR52T

Ladywells Total GJR52T
Sire: WMG5L
Dam: GJR149P
YOB: 2007 - Get Pedigree

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