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30 Years of Galloways

From our first purchase of Galair White Lad 13A and seven Galloway cows from the Sandrift herd in the spring of 1992 to the present time, we continue to be impressed with Galloway cattle.

Galloways have depth in profitable traits starting with fertility, the single most important economic trait in beef cattle.

Other strong traits we select for are Performance, Productivity, Structural Soundness, Longevity, Reliability and Predictability. Profitability for our customers has always been a core value for us, whether you are cross breeding for hybrid vigor or breeding for feedlot performance or breeding grass finished steers for a direct quality beef marketing program, we have the genetics.

We have a longstanding interest in color pattern heritability and predictability, maintaining historical data on our herd since our first calf crop in 1993. For over 30 years now we have pursued the Canadian bloodline White Galloway and Riggit Galloway along with our strong core of Purebred Galloways.

We have the most extensive semen inventory in North America including semen from 56 bulls from all four breeds. We also have an extensive inventory of Embryos and will custom collect from current breeding females and from past and present bulls.



our herd

We don’t try and pretend that we have the perfect herd, but we do know that we have many really good cattle with great genetics from quality bloodlines. We have consistently bought breeding stock from what we consider great herds across the country, always with what we like in mind; functional cattle that use forage well.

We are now concentrating on two long-term genetic projects that we started about 22 years ago; (a) Breeding Appendix Belted Galloway cattle and (b) breeding the rare “Canadian” White Galloways.

We also have a fairly extensive bank of Galloway, White Galloway and Belted Galloway in frozen storage in the form of embryos and semen, we may start to market these in the future, but for the time being, these are a source of genetics preserved in case of natural disaster.

Our goals are to be the preferred source of Galloway breeding stock in Canada and abroad, to this end we have shipped cattle, semen and embryos around the globe.

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Advantages of Galloway Cattle

  • Calving ease, mothering, and hardiness reduce the need for veterinary attention.
  • A long hair coat facilitates marbling with less fat cover.
  • A traditional high roughage diet encourages beneficial fatty acid ratios.
  • Four hundred years of selection for beef quality add flavour and texture.

our history

  • From our first purchase of Galair White Lad 13A and seven Galloway cows from the Sandrift herd.

  • We can highlight milestones in Ladywells history to establish advantages of the herds.

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  • Belted Galloway herd dispersal - a few animals maintained to preserve bloodlines.

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