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Red and Black Galloways


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Although we are now focusing on Riggit Galloway and White Galloway cattle, we still have some prime examples of Red and Black Galloway cattle that we have retained. These solid bloodlines would be a great addition and add proven genetics to any purebred or commercial herd.

Ladywells GRJ123R

Ladywells GRJ123R (Red)
YOB 2005 - Get Pedigree

Cows and Heifers

Ladywells GJR23M

Ladywells GJR23M
Sire: GJR99J
Dam: GJR8H
YOB: 2002 - Get Pedigree

Ladywells GJR38M

Ladywells GJR38M (Red)
Sire: GJR45K
Dam: GJR34F
YOB: 2002 - Get Pedigree

Ladywells GRJ 99U

Ladywells GJR99U
Sire: GJR99L
Dam: CRA5B
YOB: 2008 - Get Pedigree

Ladywells GJR10G

Ladywells GJR10G (Red)
Sire: GRJ15S
Dam: NMC3J
YOB: 2008 - Get Pedigree